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Regenerative Medicine

Juan M Garcia de Leon B

Low-Dose Chemotherapy With Insulin

(Insulin Potentiation Therapy) a) increases the permeability of cell membrane, b) influences the metabolic processes in human body with the increase of the regenerating processes, c) facilitates the transport of intra and extracellular liquids which helps the organism to eliminate the toxic products. d) Increased permeability after the insulin effect on the cellular membrane results in increased intracellular quantity of antitumor agents. e)Insulin influences the intracellular metabolism of the tumor cell, which leads to increase of the number of cells in phase S, where they are with highly sensitive to specific chemotherapeutic.

Usage of low doses chemotherapeutic with increased frequency suggests another method called insulin-potentiated therapy (IPT) or now called insulin-potentiated targeted low-dose therapy (IPTLD), where standard schemes of chemotherapy are used in combination with intravenous insulin, 10 times lower doses of chemotherapeutic, and short intervals between the applications. This treatment has very low toxicity and our personal experience shows that efficiency is not deferring from the standard chemotherapy. Treatment is very well tolerated by the patients. During the treatment no significant side effects are observed. Common side effects include light weakness and sleepiness on the day of the procedure.


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