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Regenerative Medicine

Dr Juan M Garcia de Leon B

Burnout Syndrome

Is marked by feelings of workplace stress, frustration, job disatisfaction

Stress is a reaction to external threats or pressures, marked by symptoms of exhaustion, energy loss, iritability and tension. UNTREATED CHRONIC STRESS UNDERLIES BURNOUT. Conventional medical treatments are limited, now we have hope for Patients with BURNOUT SYNDROME. The Intravenous treatments that we provide will help improve cognition and decision-making, we will significantly reduce stress, fatigue and irritability Burnout is a phenomenon that has received considerable research attention in the past 50 years. As such, there is advanced knowledge on its prevalence, conceptualization, predictors, and outcomes. Although the literature has advanced, research on burnout is still topical. Burnout originated in the seventies but remains a contemporary problem because of persistent environmental stressors and challenges for employees and organizations as a whole. The current special section aims to stimulate knowledge on unresolved issues by bringing together contributions related to 1) the role of cognition in burnout research, 2) the development of burnout over time, 3) contextual antecedents of burnout, and 4) the PREVENTION AND RECOVERY FROM BURNOUT.


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