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Regenerative Medicine

Juan M Garcia de Leon B

Amigdaline (Leatrile, B17)

Laetrile (d-Mandelonitrile-?-glucuronide), which is derived from amygdalin, has been used as a complementary and alternative natural medicine (CAM) in the treatment of cancer for over 30 years. Studies of amygdalin on various cancer cell lines demonstrated their anticancer activity.

For example, amygdalin has the capacity to control apoptotic proteins and signaling molecules, which may be a justification for a decrease in tumor proliferation. Other biological activities of amygdalin have also been demonstrated and they include antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-atherosclerotic, anti-asthmatic, preventing lung and liver fibrosis. Amygdalin also improves microcirculatory disturbance, attenuates pancreatic fibrosis, possesses anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity, stimulates muscle cell growth.


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