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Regenerative Medicine

Dr Juan Manuel Garcia de Leon Buenfil

Cancer And NK Cells (Natural Killer Cells)

Nk cells have the ability of recognizing and attack cancer cells and cells that are infected by virus. INTRAVENOUS TREATMENTS Vit C, Glutathione, Amigdaline (leatrile, B-17), Ozone, Chelation, OTHER TREATMENTS Laser therapy, Infrared crsytal Bed Hyperbaric (if patient is candidate for treatment) Treatments may change according to each patients condition

Natural killer (NK) cell is a specialized immune effector cell type that plays a critical role in immune activation against abnormal cells. Different from events required for T cell activation, NK cell activation is governed by the interaction of NK receptors with target cells, independent of antigen processing and presentation. Natural killer (NK) cells are an essential part of tumor immunosurveillance, evidenced by higher cancer susceptibility and metastasis in association with diminished NK activity. NK cells are able to recognize and rapidly act against malignant cells without prior sensitization. Upon activation, NK cells release cytotoxic granules containing perforin and granzymes to directly lyse tumor cells, in a similar fashion to activated cytotoxic T cells. NK cells are also potent producers of chemokines and cytokines such as interferon gamma (IFN-?) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-?) and thereby are essential in modulating adaptive immune responses. NK cells are found both in blood at levels of 5%-15% of circulating lymphocytes and in various lymphoid and non-lymphoid organs such as the spleen, lung, and liver. healthy cells express no or minimal level of ligands for NK cell activating receptors, but express high levels of the major histocompatibility complex class I molecules (MHC I), also known as human leukocyte antigen (HLA), that ligates to the killer immunoglobulin-like (KIR) family inhibitory receptors on NK cells to protect them from NK attack [29]. Conversely, tumorigenic cells or virally infected cells have downregulated MHC I expression but upregulated levels of ligands for NK cell activating receptors and thus trigger NK cell activation due to the lack of inhibitory signals and/or the presence of activating signals.NK cell represents a specialized immune effector cell population equipped with fast-acting and potent anti-tumor capacity. The concept of adoptive NK cell cancer immunotherapy was proven a decade ago from pioneering clinical studies against hematological malignancies.


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